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Events Irina ∞ Dennis

Events Rhanchita ∞ Donovan

Events Kids in Motion 2012 Graduation

Events Martha ∞ Dayron II

Events Martha ∞ Dayron

We have known Martha and Dayron for many years, and we were very excited to share a day in their lives, celebrating their love for each other and their families. In this first video, they take us through their preparations of their special occasion.

Events International Trading Center

International Trading Center is a business incubator for international businesses in South Florida, with a range of services that guarantee a real, professional, and dynamic take-off at low cost. We understand that every client is a world, has its own needs and concerns. This is why our solutions are personalized.

Events 10th Alliance International Business Expo

Celebrating hispanic heritage, the 10th Alliance International Business Expo exposes your company's products and services to prospective clients, hone your skills with complimentary seminars, and network! Awymedia was there to capture this event.

Events How a bride can better enjoy her wedding

wedding pictureWhen you were young, you always dreamt about this day. You feel you are the center of attention, wearing a mesmerizing wedding dress, being the envy of your town, and walking down the aisle with your prince charming; the most handsome, courageous and charismatic man of the entire city. You hear everyone chanting your name and imagine yourself living your happily ever after. Or at least this is what you think to yourself after watching too many Cinderella-like movies. Truth is, on your wedding day, nothing could be further from the truth if you like to be in control of everything. Read More

Business Video as an educational tool

One of the most effective uses of video as a business marketing tool is to educate your target audience about products and services offered. The more educated the customer is about your product, the more they know what to expect. This translates into greater customer satisfaction, critical to long term success for any business. Read More

Business Video in your business

For a business to survive, it needs a customer base. One of the foundations needed to build your customer base is marketing.

Marketing allows you to showcase your product. It allows you to communicate with your target audience and educate them about your product, application and benefits.

One of the most recent trends in marketing over the last couple of years has been the use of online video. Read More